Demonstrating live transcription using a local microphone

The live demo client is found in the inference/live_demo_client directory.

This script connects to a running CAIMAN-ASR server and streams audio from your microphone to the server for low-latency transcription.

Step 1: Set up the CAIMAN-ASR server

Follow the instructions provided in Inference Flow to set up the ASR server.

Step 2: Set up the client

Locally, install dependencies:

sudo apt install portaudio19-dev python3-dev # dependencies of PyAudio
pip install pyaudio websocket-client

(Or if you are a Nix user, nix develop will install those)

Then run the client with ./ --host <host> --port <port> where <host> and <port> are the host and port of the ASR server respectively.


If the client raises OSError: [Errno -9997] Invalid sample rate, you may need to use a different audio input device:

  1. Run ./ to list available input devices
  2. Try each device using (for example) ./ --input_device 5