Release name: myrtle-asr-demo-<version>.run

This software bundle is used for demonstrating the server. It includes the asr server and a web interface which shows the live transcriptions and latency of the server. This is not the right software to use for production installations; the docker container doesn't expose the server port so external clients cannot connect to it. For production installations, use the myrtle-asr-server-<version>.run release. See instructions in the CAIMAN-ASR server section.

Running the CAIMAN-ASR Demo Server

If you are setting up the server from scratch you will need to flash the Achronix Speedster7t FPGA with the provided bitstream. If you have a demo system provided by or Achronix, the bitstream will already be flashed. See the Programming the card section for instructions on flashing the FPGA.

  1. Load the CAIMAN-ASR Demo Server Docker image:

    docker load -i docker-asr-demo.tgz
  2. Start the server with:

    ./start_server <license directory> [card index]...

    where <license directory> is the path to the directory containing your licence and [card index] is an optional integer list argument specifying which card indices to use, e.g. 0 1 2 3. The default is 0.

    The demo GUI webpage will then be served at http://localhost.

The latency may be much higher than usual during start-up. Refreshing the webpage will reset the scale on the latency chart.

To shut down the server you can use ctrl+c in the terminal where the server is running. Alternatively, run the following: